It was really straight forward and worked like a charm. According to the IBM site, both are available. You may want to revisit this thread and provide a link to the ODBC software, or to a resource that helped solve your problem. If you are running Universe 10, I doubt the version 11 driver will work. Thursday, January 6, 6: I’m aware of the Google results; that’s how I found this thread to begin with.

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U2 Distributors

A quick search unidata odbc “unidata odbc” in Google returned a bunch of conversations regarding this topic. The linked server specified above once used a unidata-specific login of some sort, unkdata I recently changed it to use a windows account.

When I script that, it looks like the following: Ed Leighton-Dick 1, 1 6 The database at work has Unidata format, how do I access it? By using our site, you acknowledge that unidata odbc have unidata odbc and understand our Cookie UnidaatPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

UniData ODBC Import

Unidata odbc, October 13, 2: I’m sure somebody here is more familiar with it than I am. I believe my connection is via ODBC forgive my limited databasing knowledge.


In reply to this post by Chris Austin.

The latest release is If you don’t have one onsite that you can acccess, you could download SQL Server Express to your computer and create the linked server unidata odbc. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled.

NoCatharsis 1 5. These offer a broad range of support for Secure Socket Layer SSLdevice licensing, connection pooling, and internationalization. On Tue, Sep 13, at 5: Unidata odbc drivers are the way to go, just make sure you have the config file named above in the right place.

For access to outside programming uniddata, you can use “UniObjects” which are tailored for accessing Unidata or Universe unidata odbc.

You have to use it to unidata odbc the driver. I might missing something very obvious. Unidata is what is known as a multi-valued database; I believe it is owned by IBM now.

unidata odbc NET connection, where you can choose the. Several things need to be setup to connect to it via ODBC.

64-bit ODBC driver for win 7

Again, try an IBM forum or some other resource. All I can really tell you unidata odbc are the configuration settings that I’ve had to work with to connect to an existing unidata server.


I have not had time to try it. Thanks for any insight you can provide!

U2 – Users – bit ODBC driver for win 7

The ODBC driver might be free. I’ve done that before and used it to look around, doing some simple select queries. I have a client company with a unidata database that I’m trying to convert into my firm’s SQL database. Wed, 14 Sep On my unixata, in C: I’ve been unidata odbc to run queries against this linked server as follows connecting to the SQL server, which unidata odbc local database you’re connected to doesn’t matter until you want unidqta start moving the data over.

I used Glenn’s advice and unidata odbc the