Cleaning The Corona Wire Cleaning the corona wire Return the blue tab and snap it into the home position b. You can set how much time the machine Set up the machine for the type of paper you takes after the last Copy or Scan operation to are using. Press 6 for Print Reports menu. Press 1 for Page Counter menu. Press the cover release lever to open the front cover. Conditions such as humidity, high Choosing a temperatures, and so on, may cause this print fault.

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Error messages As with any sophisticated office product, errors may occur. Sending a fax Entering fax mode Sending a 2-sided fax from the ADF To enter fax mode oce fx 3000 printer Faxand the You can send the 2-sided document from the key will glow blue.

Upper Tray in the paper tray. Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Oce fx 3000 printer Difficulties Continued Difficulties Suggestions The machine prints the oce fx 3000 printer couple Check the settings in ofe application to make sure that it is set up to work with of pages correctly, then some your machine pages have text missing.

For more detailed information on the answer modes see page Landscape Note Duplex copy using a 2-sided legal size Remote Fax Opt You can only use one fax 30000 at a time. Press 1 for Page Counter menu.

Scanning Difficulties, Software Difficulties Oce fx 3000 printer and routine maintenance Printing Difficulties Continued Difficulties Suggestions The machine prints the first couple Check the settings in your application to make sure that it is set up to work with of pages correctly, then some your machine pages have text missing.

The LED indications shown in the table below are used in the illustrations in this chapter. Using The Scanner Glass Chapter 2 Acceptable paper and Using the scanner glass other media You can use the scanner glass to fax, scan, or copy the pages of a book or single sheets Print quality may vary according to the type of of paper. Enter the IP oce fx 3000 printer.


Loading Envelopes And Oce fx 3000 printer Media Chapter 2 Loading envelopes and other Loading Envelopes media Before loading, press the corners and sides of the envelopes to make them as flat as possible. Making copies Duplex 2-sided copying Make sure you are in Prlnter mode If you want to automatically copy a 2-sided Load your document. Chapter 12 Changing text copy Enlarging or reducing the resolution image copied You can change the text copy resolution to You can select the following enlargement or xdpi if you have selected Text reduction oce fx 3000 printer Loading documents and paper Printable Area Printable Area when printing from a computer When using the default driver the printable Printable Area for copies area is smaller than the paper size, as shown The printable area of your machine begins prinnter below.

Remote fax options Remote Retrieval Note Do not use the same code used for your The remote retrieval feature lets you retrieve Fax Receive Code l51 or Telephone your stored fax messages when you are not Answer Code Dialer Setting You can set oec your machine to do occe 1.

To prevent damage to the machine from static electricity, DO NOT touch the electrodes shown in the illustration. Fax Reports, Job Status Report, Fax Journal Printing reports Fax reports Fax journal You oce fx 3000 printer set the machine to print a fax journal Some fax reports job status and fax journal activity report at specific intervals every 50 can be printed automatically or manually.

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Disconnect device This product must be installed near an oce fx 3000 printer jack that is easily accessible. Control Panel Overview Chapter 1 Control panel overview 1 One-Touch keys 5 Dial pad These 20 keys give you instant access to 40 Used to enter telephone and fax numbers or to previously stored numbers. In case of emergencies, you must disconnect the power cord from the electrical jack to shut off power oce fx 3000 printer.


Toner Error oce fx 3000 printer is not installed properly. Dual Access, Real Time Transmission Chapter 5 Dual access Real time transmission You printed dial a number, and start scanning the When you are sending a fax, the machine printeg fax into memory—even when the machine is scan the documents into the memory before sending from memory, receiving faxes or sending. Press Menu, 3, 5, 2. Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Setting Dial Tone Detection Phone line interference Setting the dial tone to Detection will If you are having difficulty sending or shorten pringer dial tone detect pause.


See the Quick Setup Guide. Transmission The process of sending faxes over the phone lines from your machine to the receiving fax machine.

Re-load ocr paper and put the paper tray firmly back in the machine. Open the MP tray and lower it gently. System setup Volume Settings Tray use for Printing reports You can change the default tray the machine Ring volume will use for printing reports. Error Messages Error messages As with any sophisticated office product, errors may oce fx 3000 printer.

Page Total of total pages the machine Counter Copy has printed during its life. Press Menu, 8, 1.