Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. From that, only 3. If one chooses a Bit operating system, the main memory physically at hand could be much more efficiently used, not to mention a possible RAM upgrade. The base unit and display lid were reinforced with metal pieces. A further mass memory device is found in the Ultra-Bay ex works: In terms of the display screen, several matt The stable display frame also hardly gives under pressure.

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They also work much faster than standard harddrives. The biggest disadvantage of the machine’s equipment which we tested showed itself in the form of heat development.

Review Dell Latitude E Notebook – Reviews

We were lucky enough to enjoy this FHD screen on our tester. The metal hinges do their work well and hold the display screen securely in the position it is set in. One finds only a few additional keys on the Latitude E The ventilation duct on the left side pushes out a constant stream depl warm to hot air and makes working with an external mouse uncomfortable e65110 left-handers.

The Latitude E is geared toward mid-sized to large businesses.


As SSDs come out without mechanical parts, these have an advantage anyway. Disk data transfer rate. The stable display frame also hardly gives under pressure. The fact that the frame rates are below that of comparable notebooks, as is shown in the Quadro NVS M, could be due disppayport the displyport heating under load and a possible throttling. Additionally, diverse value-added services accident insurance, data recovery, The DVD test was also run with the high-performance profile and maximum brightness.

It it well suited for business use around the office. Typical of Dell, a range of configurations are possible which we will discuss in more details in the individual sections below.

It one orders a mobile broadband modem, the displajport SIM slot is found in the battery panel. The thin power adaptor gets very hot under load and got a maximum of Unfortunately, the substructure, especially in the middle area of the keyboard, yields somewhat during energetic typing.

Temperature Less pleasant is the heat development. DIRT 2 32 fps.

In the area around the optical drive, the laptop yields noticeably to pressure both on the upper and under sides. The corresponding keys are swept and are faultless.

As expected, this hardware configuration enabled very good application and processing performance. Our tester was equipped with four gigabytes of memory RAM. The touchpad boasts a nice, matt surface with good gliding characteristics.


Review Dell Latitude E6510 Notebook

Vertically, apart from the usual dimming when looking from above and overexposure from below, one can also quickly notice color changes. The E has a brightness sensor which adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the surrounding light. Left of the on-switch is also a print button.

From that, only 3. The bright and matt display screen proves to be a great asset to the machine when it comes to using it outdoors. A central push button allows for easy opening of the transport locks. The user is confronted with a matt-black surface.

The built-in screen on our tester achieved very good measured values. But we can say this up front: Additionally, one can have the E set up with a mobile broadband modem.